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Homeopathy is one of the most widely used systems of medicine in the world today, and has been used for over 200 years.

Homeopathy regards symptoms as an attempt by the body to heal itself. Rather than simply attacking the symptoms, homeopathy regards them as valuable ‘signposts’ pointing out potential causes of your sickness or disease and the best way to treat the patient.

I use the symptoms of a sickness or complaint to investigate the causes of the condition. I will spend a great deal of time asking you questions about your general health and well-being, this is somewhat different to the orthodox approach. For example; a patient may come with headaches but these could be related to stress, hormone imbalances, poor diet, inflammation and a variety of other causes. It is important as a homeopath to explore every option to find out where the seat of the problem lies.

Homeopathic medications are free from toxins and chemicals and are a safe treatment for many forms of illnesses and diseases. It successfully treats a wide variety of both physical and psychological problems. Homeopathic medicine is effective for the elderly, children, babies and in pregnancy.


Homeopathy can help you get well and stay well; by working with the body, homeopathy can break patterns of illness, strengthen the immune system and reduce the incidence of recurrent health problems.

Homeopathy is successfully used to treat a wide variety of symptoms, illness and disease, ranging from acute coughs and colds to long-standing chronic illness. As homeopathy treats the person along with the disease it is an excellent choice where no diagnosis can be found for your symptoms, but you know something is wrong.

I believe it is essential to provide clear information about your course of treatment, this can help you make informed decisions about your health, ultimately giving you back control over your health. I am an experienced and dedicated practitioner offering high quality health care. I provide treatments for a broad range of symptoms and specialised treatment of fertility, IBS, menopause and alternatives to HRT, eczema and asthma.


Homeopathic consultations offer you a unique opportunity to confidentially discuss your health related issues, whether they are physical, emotional or a combination of both.
Your first consultation will last between one and one and a half hours, during which time information is gathered on your 'presenting issue' and the specific symptoms you are experiencing. Your health history and family medical history are also explored, as well as your lifestyle. This will help me to understand your current state of health.
Once Homeopathic treatment has started, follow-up appointments lasting between 30-60 minutes generally take place once a month. The length of your treatment will vary according to the nature and duration of your condition.

"Homeopathy is now a way of life for myself and my family and I cannot commend it enough." MT, Surrey

"Just to let you know that I'm feeling SO much better since my last treatment. The remedies have made a huge difference. I'm feeling nicely grounded, my energy levels are better and concentrating at my desk this morning has been the easiest its been for months....I've got a lot done! Many Thanks" L.B Welwyn,Herts

" I met Tracey in 2004 by chance at an opening evening for a beauty business, in conversation with her she noticed I seemed to have a breathing problem and Sinusitis, she said she could help being a Homeopath, after a few weeks I contacted her and from then she has been a GREAT help in so many ways, helping with many problems from anxiety, joint pains, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, skin and several other minor problems, she always listens and with the REMEDIES, brilliant Only a telephone call away ..D.J.C Old Hatfield Herts
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