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Indian Head Massage and Reiki #01


Indian Head Massage has been practised in India for thousands of years and is an integral part of family and social life.

The massage involves the selection of essential oils, mixed with a base of almond oil, this is massaged into the upper back, shoulders, arms and neck relieving muscular tension. The scalp is massaged with varies unique movements including gentle pulling of the hair to help relieve muscular tension in the scalp – which can cause headaches, tired eyes and general lethargy. Followed by a relaxing facial massage with focus on the pressure points to elevate toxins and restore balance.

The head neck and shoulders are important energy centres within the body. If you are feeling stressed or under the weather, tension can later show up as a stiff neck, knotted shoulders, eye strain, headaches and sometimes even hair loss.

Indian head massage helps to:

  • Restore joint movement, helping to stretch and mobilise the tissues of the neck and shoulders, stimulating lymphatic drainage, therefore helping to eliminate toxins from these areas.
  • Relieve muscular tension and increase nutrition to all tissues, relieving the stress and tension of every day life helping to achieve a balanced state of mind.
  • Sinus congestion.
  • Increased circulation and blood flow to the hair follicles, increasing the overall condition of the hair and scalp


    Reiki (pronounced 'ray-key') is the Japanese art of natural healing. Reiki, meaning universal life energy, is the vital life force, which flows through all living things that can be activated for the purpose of healing. Reiki originated in Tibet thousands of years ago. It is a very simple, non-invasive and extremely powerful healing discipline, but is not a faith system.

    Energy is channeled through the therapist and goes to the source of the imbalance and not just the manifesting symptoms. Treatment is received fully clothed and involves various hand movements on the body focusing on the Chakras, energy centers within the body. There is no pressure, manipulation or massage. Reiki healing will bring innercalm, aiding deep harmony and relaxation.

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