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Tracey Weaver LCHE, ITEC, IIHHT, CThA

Tracey has been a holistic health practitioner for 20 years practicing aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki, hot stone and Indian head massage. She studied for four years at the Practical College of Homeopathy and the Center for Homeopathic Education in London and has since completed an intensive post-graduate course in advanced homeopathy.

I am passionate about providing good clear information to my patients about what treatment can do for them. I believe that it is important to give choice and control back to patients so that they can make informed choices about what kind of treatment they wish to undertake. I do not regard any of the treatments as exclusive and I am always happy to work alongside other therapists either complementary or orthodox.


Cuffley Practice, Pembroke Drive, Herts, EN7 5LF Tel: 07966 498527

The Hatfield Practice, 6 Ground Lane, Hatfield, Herts. Tel: 07966 498527


After the birth of my second child I became very ill. I had been diagnosed with Crohn's disease and conventional medicine did nothing to help this chronic condition. I was bleeding a lot, getting weaker and becoming increasingly frightened that my condition would not improve. After trying various diets and therapies I discovered homeopathy. Homeopathy was a lifesaver both physically and mentally. Within days of my first consultation and taking the prescribed remedy my condition had improved dramatically and within in a few weeks I had stopped bleeding. Two years later I can safely say that homeopathy has changed my life. With the help of ongoing consultations and various remedies I no longer have any physical symptoms and feel that I have really got to the bottom of the mental factors which brought about this condition. Homeopathy is now a way of life for myself and my family and I cannot commend it enough.

M.T, Surrey

When I first visited Tracey my main symptoms were a lack of energy, a feeling of general tiredness and various aches and pains. Tracey asked me to grade my feelings on a scale from 1-10 and in all honesty my score of 2 was probably optimistic!
At our next appointment Tracey asked me to grade my feelings and I had no hesitation in giving a score of 6-7, I really did feel so much more positive about myself. I have since had another appointment with Tracey, and again feel so much better, both in my general well-being and in my outlook on life.
Tracey is still treating me, and everyday I feel an improvement.
I do wish I had taken the plunge and seen Tracey years ago, and then perhaps I would not feel that I had wasted time feeling low and out of sorts. I would recommend to anyone that a visit to Tracey is well worthwhile.

Susan, Herts

I just wanted to say to Tracey, thank you so much for everything you have done for me, you have helped me tremendously already. Thanks so much for my treatments , but especially for your chats and your wisdom.

Anna, Herts

Thank you Tracey for helping to relieve my stress this past year.

Angie, Herts

It’s great emerging from the undergrowth - the pathway is looking good and much clearer and brighter now thanks to your help Tracey.

Liz, Herts

Thank you Tracey for all your wonderful healing touches.

Lisa, Herts

I had suffered from depression and symptoms of stress for many years. Conventional medicine had not helped, Tracey and homeopathy have and normal life has been resumed.

I.B, Herts

I was skeptical of homeopathy, but as someone who dislikes taking conventional medicine, I thought I would give it a try. I have been proved wrong about homeopathy as it has helped to cure my physical symptoms as well as helping enormously with my mental challenges. I have got stronger and stronger after each consultation.

L.N, Herts


The Contemporary College of Homeopathy
Foresight Preconception
The Gut Trust
The Centre for Homeopathic Education
Cranial Sacral Therapy

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